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CM Carbon is the leading graphite manufacturer in China. We have China’s most complete graphite business chain. The group consists of the Graphite Technical Research Center, Graphite Raw Material Production Factory, Graphite Felt and Carbon Composite (CFC) Production Plant, Graphite Machining Workshop, and Sales Company. CM Carbon has focused on creating innovative solutions and value for customers for over 30 years.

The group’s predecessor - China Carbon Material Research Institute - was established in 1985. It was national research center and producer of Carbon Composite (CFC) products and now has become the world's leading Graphite Felt and Carbon Composite (CFC) manufacturer. Our CFC product is widely used in the manufacture of Aerospace Engine Parts, Aircraft Brakes, Furnace Parts etc.

CM Carbon’s Graphite Felt is the most commonly used brand in China for Furnace Heat Insulation and Fuel Cell Battery Electrodes. 

In 1985, the Group established our graphite electrode plant, and entered the field of solid graphite production. We have now become China’s top graphite producer, with products including Isostatic Graphite, Molded Graphite,Extruded Graphite and Vibrated Graphite. We have an important market share in Heat Treatment, Solar Energy and various other industries at home and abroad.


The Group R & D investment has been well beyond that of our peers. This combined with our high quality standards and leading expertise, provides a strong foundation. We hope to build a long term business relationship with you.

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