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The Difference between High Purity Graphite Rod and Impregnated Graphite Rod

Release time: 2020-02-12

High purity graphite rods are made of high density, high strength and high purity graphite. High-purity graphite rods are more wear-resistant than normal graphite. Some graphite products used in transmission equipment require ultra-wear tolerance. High-purity graphite will produce dust during repeated friction, so high-purity graphite products are not particularly wear-resistant.  


Super wear-resistant graphite products can adopt impregnated graphite materials. Depending on the different requirements of the product, graphite can be impregnated with different substances. Common impregnated graphite includes resin impregnated graphite, antimony impregnated graphite, copper impregnated graphite and so on. The impregnated graphite is very wear-resistant. 


The resin-impregnated graphite rod is not only wear-resistant but also increases the lubrication performance. For example, epoxy resin-impregnated graphite has both wear-resistant and lubricating properties. The surface of the graphite products processed by resin-impregnated graphite materials is very smooth. The polished surface of the resin-impregnated graphite rod can achieve the effect of mirror surface. 

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