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Reasons for the Damage of Graphite Boat

Release time: 2021-04-30

There are two main reasons for the damage of graphite boat.


  1. Defects of graphite material itself


    Graphite materials are easily oxidized when the temperature is above 400℃, and the presence of micropores is also beneficial to the adsorption of oxygen, thus speeding up the oxidation rate. As the temperature is above 600℃, the oxidation rate of graphite boat is greatly accelerated, which leads to the continuous oxidation erosion of graphite boat, the decrease of strength, and the rough or shedding of the surface.


  2. External forces during production or usage


    In the process of actual production and usage, the main bearing weight of graphite boat is the weight of the material it holds. The material contained in graphite boat has little influence on the transverse fracture of graphite boat, so the transverse fracture of graphite boat is not easy to occur. Most of the breakage of graphite boat is longitudinal crack in the position of groove. Besides, the transmission of the material contained in the graphite boat will also bring some wear. Workers may also cause damage while cleaning slag knots.

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